Pesticides could have dire consequences for honeybees.
Experts speculate there are a number of factors involved.
Such as a new class of pesticides called neonicotinoids.
It is nontoxic to humans but is a deadly nerve poison to insects.
It is banned in France, Italy, and Germany already.

There is a lawsuit against the EPA from NRDC for withholding information
regarding the impact this pesticide has on pollinators.

Round-up, Glyphosate is a weed killer that is harmful to Honeybees and us as well.
Applications onto land will be consumed via water,  

CCD = colony collapse disorder causes bees to abandon their hives and die.
This mysterious phenomenon isn't such a mystery...
Without Honeybees we won't have much on our dinner tables, only gruel.

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 For the Flowers we love, the Plants we eat & the Bees we need,
Support an Organic lifestyle inside & outside of your body & home!
 How can you help Honeybees be more comfortable in the environment today?
*grow anything that flowers:  herbs, clover lawns
*use all-natural household cleaners in your home and at work as well.
*share this with those you love
As we all know, NO BEES = NO FOOD
It is up to us & each one of us makes an impact on their lives.
I'm hopeful because they are still here.

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