Care for the Bees that care for the world

The Miracle of Pollination:
As honeybees search from plant to plant for pollen and nectar, they collect and leave bits of pollen at each stop. This transfers pollen from a plant’s male organ (the pistol) to another plant’s female organ (the stigma). Thus helping increase crops and ensure a healthy vegetation cycle.

The Most Aggressive Pollinators on Earth:
Of all Mother Nature’s creatures, the honeybee is the champion pollinator. All together bumblebees, butterflies, birds and the winds don’t even come close to the honeybees’
pollination process.

Even the human method of artificial pollination cannot match the honeybee’s efficiency. As of now, a single honeybee pollinates at 10 times the rate of its human counterpart

Fact:  In the summer the Queen Bee lays 2,000 eggs per day, on a 21 day cycle.
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