Saving Bees

Wish bees well on their journey through life.  For the honeybees' existence is directly tied to your own.  Help them return to their natural habitat.  Plant a non-toxic flower or vegetable garden.  Plant a tree.  Don’t use pesticides.  Add beauty to the scenery or fresh greens to your plate.  Make sure the future happens!  Do it today and benefit tomorrow.  It’s a win-win.

Show them love and love your planet in turn.

Fact:  By planting a garden and changing to a non-toxic lifestyle, you can help the survival of Honeybees.
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QUEST on KQED Public Media.
          I'm known as a swarm thrower.
Allowing Honeybees to go back to nature satisfies me more than an over abundance of honey.
I'd rather give back to nature because in return it gives back to us all!
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